This is a GREAT radio club!  We have a super (though small) group of dedicated HAM radio operators.  Included in our group is a wide range of talent and interests. 

We have members who are into contesting, some who want to make contacts, some who love CW, and some who like to work with "special event" stations.  We have something for everyone!

Our club meetings are generally held in our shack which is located in the Environmental Learning Center building. Our meeting place is located on Guernsey Lane, on the street by the KCUE radio station building.

This is by far one of the most fun groups you will find.  Both laid-back and more active members meet monthly to iron out the club's (and the world's) problems over coffee and rolls.  "Show and Tell" is always on the agenda for those who like to show off their radio treasures.

Get an amateur radio license (FCC License)

What's the Best About Our Club?

Our club is composed of a group of people who enjoy a common hobby.  The enjoyment of HAM radio unites the group into a club which has members who are always willing to step up to help fellow members (and non-members) with any radio related problem.  This group has also demonstrated compassion for anyone who needs some assistance with communication issues.


Talk around the world and

practice emergency communications

Several classes are available each month around the southeast minnesota area.